If you are unfortunate enough to have been injured as a result of the negligence of someone else, whether in a car wreck, tractor trailer accident, work related injury, or slip and fall, then you know how difficult and unfair insurance companies can be. Here at Hurst Law Group, we understand the importance of your injury and the value of your claim. We know that the insurance companies will not deal with you fairly unless you have an aggressive and competent Firm to stand behind you. Here at Hurst Law Group, we are experienced in negotiating with insurance adjusters in order to maximize the value of your individual claim. We have, on staff, our own claims analyzer who has over forty years experience in the insurance industry. We, along with our own claims representative, take all of the stress and headache away from You. We have successfully litigated cases involving:

*Auto Accident
*Big Truck Accident
*Wrongful Death
*Defective Product
*Worker's Comp.
*Motorcycle Accident
*Drug Injuries
*Social Security/Disability
*Insurance Claims
*Nursing Home Abuse
*Equipment Accident
*Brain Injury

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