A Focus on Trial Process

Hurst Law Group emphasizes a trial-based practice. This means that the attorneys associated with the office concentrate on cases which result in trials and proceedings before courts and juries. Even though the judicial system sometimes seems to move slowly, when it is your case being tried it's a satisfying feeling to know that the firm you've chosen to represent your interests is one which specializes in the trial process - and that your attorney from The Hurst Law Group is pursuing your case to produce a satisfactory outcome.

Achieving Common Goals

Let's be honest, legal representation can be costly!  We know that you only want the best legal representation your hard earned money can get.  Through experience, and thorough and continuing legal knowledge, our clients have found that the quality of legal services provided by Hurst Law Group is consistent with their expectations and goals. The best representation and quality legal work is not learned. It is experienced!

Picture of Q. Byrum Hurst, Jr.
Principal Attorney

Q. Byrum Hurst, Jr.

Mr. Hurst is experienced in the representation of difficult and complex cases involving all aspects of litigation - personal injury, criminal, domestic relations and commercial. He has earned the rare distinction of being certified by the Board of Trial Advocacy as an expert in criminal trial representation. Mr. Hurst has also contributed to the American Bar Association's Treatise on the Rules of Evidence in America, and has directed litigation in which jury verdicts have ranged as high as $1,000,000 or more.

Picture of Josh Hurst
Attorney at Law

Josh Hurst

Joshua Q. Hurst has developed a reputation as a "Warrior for Justice", a name his peers have given him for his relentless advocacy as a defense attorney. Along with many other affiliations, his membership in the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association and the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers keep him on the cutting edge of new developments in the law to better represent his clients.

Paralegal Team

Our Paralegal Team at The Hurst Law Group is made up of top professional legal assistants. Our team was meticulously selected to achieve successful litigation resolution. These ladies work tirelessly with the attorneys to provide quality service to their cases and clients.

Secretarial Staff

The Secretarial Staff at The Hurst Law Group have a thorough knowledge of court procedures and requirements for filing legal documents, ensuring that they are prepared according to court rules. Our legal secretaries are also the communication liaison between attorney, client, and staff.